About us

We are pleased to say that we now hold SC21 Bronze award in recognition for our outstanding levels of quality and delivery performance.

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Helander Precision Engineering has been providing mission critical engineering solutions since 1975.

Helander employs c100 highly skilled and dedicated engineering staff and has an advanced manufacturing facility with 30 state-of-the-art CNC machines - many of which are multi-tasking centres providing minimised lead times.

Since 2007 Helander has been a member of the €188m Calder Group, a pan European group with nine operating subsidiaries in five countries.  The group has great stength and stability allowing the challenges set by its customers to be met with matched investment.

What we do

The breadth of experience that Helander can bring to help its customers achieve their goal is remarkable.  We are strategic partners of choice to many diverse industry sectors including:
  • Oil & Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear - New factory opened!  Download Newsletter
  • Defence
  • Industrial Controls

Helander specialises in the turnkey supply of complex finished parts from ‘difficult’ materials.  The service provided includes design-for-manufacture consultation, raw materials provision and fully validated manufacturing with all required treatments/processes.  Parts can be supplied to schedule to exactly meet customer programs and of course are supported by all necessary quality assurance validations.

Accreditations include:

SC21 Bronze award
ISO9001:2008 / EN 9100:2003 Rec 'C' / EN 9104:P1
North Sea NS1 & NS2
Numerous world class OEM client approvals